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Our hardworking attorneys are dedicated to the passionate representation of our clients. As a firm, we do not rely on a high volume of cases, but rather, each potential client meets with a lawyer, and together, they decide whether to form a client/lawyer relationship. In this manner, we can devote ourselves to each of our clients with a singular focus on obtaining the best possible result for that case. Through this formula, we have made our name winning “unwinnable” cases.

See our areas of expertise for detailed information on the types of cases which we handle. Whether a severe motor vehicle accident injury, a complex commercial business dispute, a medical negligence claim, or any type of criminal charge – from OUI to the most serious felony charges, our highly skilled attorneys will work with you on an individual basis, encouraging an “open-door policy” to create a winning case. In the end, our goal is to win your case while reducing the anxiety that often stems from involvement with the justice system.

See our case results for examples of how we’ve provided aggressive criminal defense to clients in court and delivered many NOT GUILTY verdicts. In the civil system, check out the results our trial attorneys have obtained in recovering millions and millions of dollars in courtroom verdicts and settlements for our clients.

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Recent Trial Results:

  • Not Guilty - Murder Trial
  • Case Dismissed - Federal Charge - Possession of a Stolen Firearm
  • Not Guilty - Rape Trial
  • Case Dismissed - Assault/Domestic Violence
  • No Charges/Investigation Terminated - Theft of Gov't Military Property
  • No Charges - Assault
  • Not Guilty - Unlawful Sexual Touching
  • Not Guilty - Assault/Domestic Violence
  • No Charges/Investigation Terminated - Drug Trafficking
  • $625,000 Mid-Arbitration Settlement - Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Case
  • $1,000,000 + Pre-Suit Settlement - Sexual Abuse of a Minor
  • $90,000 Jury Verdict - Motor Vehicle Accident - Soft Tissue Injury
  • $4,500,000 Pre-Suit Settlement - Wrongful Death - Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $87,500 Litigation Settlement - Fishing Boat Collision - Personal Injuries
  • $125,000 Eve of Trial Settlement - Assault and Battery - Personal Injuries
  • $120,000 Litigation Settlement - Bicycle Hit by Drunk Driver - Recovered MORE Than the Limit of the Insurance Policy
  • $92,500 Litigation Settlement - Sexual Abuse of a Minor
  • $300,000 Pre-Suit Settlement - Medical Malpractice
  • $105,000 Litigation Settlement - Trucking Accident - Personal Injuries
  • $100,000 Pre-Suit Settlement - Motorcycle Accident
  • $160,000 Litigation Settlement - Sexual Abuse of a Minor
  • $85,000 Eve of Trial Settlement - Motor Vehicle Accident - Soft Tissue Injury
  • Maximum Insurance Policy Recovery - Motorcycle Collision
  • Not Guilty - OUI
  • Case Dismissed - OUI
  • Negotiated the Dismissal of OUI Charge for a Significantly Lesser Charge
  • Negotiated Plea and Allowed the Client to Avoid a Conviction for OUI
  • Rising BAC defense - CASE DISMISSED
  • Intoxilyzer not maintained properly - BMV & Crim. Charges DISMISSED
  • Unconstitutional vehicle stop - Motion to Suppress GRANTED
  • Failure to follow Intoxilyer Protocol - OUI DISMISSED
  • Client refused Roadside tests - No Probable Cause for OUI arrest - OUI Dismissed

Dedicated to the Passionate Representation of Our Clients

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